Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays

Ski resorts in Greece Greece is nice not only in summer, but in warm winter as well. Snow in the mountains is a spectacular view and great possibility to do active winter sports. We can offer walking or tracking in the mountains. You can conquer the famous Olympus, climbing the highest peaks Mitikas (2917m), Skolios (2912m), Stefani (2905m). Professionals can offer you to walk in the area of “hovering” monasteries of Meteora, mythic Delphi, and on the tops of Hydra hills. Ski and speed lovers can choose one of ski resorts in Greece. So, take warm clothes and visit one of the mountain villages. The most developed ski resort is situated on the Mount Parnassos in picturesque Pertouli resort 180 km. away from Athens. It has functioned since 1975. The highest point is at 2260 metres above the sea level. There are 20 slopes here with the longitude of 14 kilometres; there are conditions here both for professionals and beginners. Arachova resort will open the doors of its well-equipped hotels. If you have the chance to have a rest in the northern Greece, you can choose the most popular place for skiing and snowboarding – Seli on the Mount Vernon. The highest point is at 1900 metres. There are 12 slopes here with the longitude of 20 kilometres. There is one more resort on the Mount Vernon, 110 km away from Thessaloniki. The highest point is 2005 metres above the sea level. It includes 7 slopes with the longitude from 200 metres to 10 kilometres. You can find here all necessary facilities: restaurants, bars, hotels and ski equipment points. In the centre of Peloponnese peninsula there is a ski resort Mainalon, 162 km. from Athens. You can find snowboard park, slopes for snow tubes and snowmobiles there. The resort includes 8 slopes with the highest point of 1600 metres. You can also visit: Ski resort Vasilitsa with good quality service Pigadia is the only resort with artificial snow and good infrastructure Pilio is not far from Volos. Visitors can enjoy an amazing view of Pagasitikos Bay and the Aegean Sea. You will not be bored with 5 slopes of 15 kilometres. There are also resorts of Elatochori, Kaimaktsalan, Kalavrita, and some others on the Greek islands. The cost is about 10-20 Euros per day for the full equipment, 5-10 Euros for the entrance ticket, and expenses on food and drinks. If you want to visit one of the ski resorts in Greece, keep in touch with our company and we will make your winter unforgettable.

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