Spa recreation in Greece is its mineral gold.

Spa recreation in Greece is its mineral gold.

There is everything in Greece! Greeks can offer you relaxing and healthy recreation near thermal sources, while there are more than 700 hundreds of them in Greece. The composition of water in each famous Greek resort is different, because the content of salts and minerals, and the water temperature is unique everywhere. Some of those places are very popular, others are known only among a wide circle of people. We would like to offer you 3 most popular destinations, which you will be eager to visit: Loutraki, Kamena-Vourla, and Edipsos (or Loutra-Edipsou). The water that springs out of the ground there is believed to be full of minerals, that affects positively the cellular metabolism.  It increases the resistance of the skin. This water, filled with almost all useful elements, restores the water-lipid balance of the skin, increases the natural protective properties of the body. Many women, who want to have a baby, are recommended by doctors a cycle of baths with thermal water. Various hydro procedures help many people to get rid of inflammatory processes of the skin, restore blood circulation, help the body during bronchitis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and with a variety of different ailments. We offer you to start spa holiday in Greece from the closest place to Athens. Loutraki (Λουτράκι) is a quiet place with the monastery in its mountains. This women monastery Osios Potapios is situated 14 km from Loutraki on the slope of the Mount Geraneia. Many tourists start their journey from visiting this place and after learn about the usefulness of local springs. By the way, the scientists often compare the effect of local mineral water with the effect of water in the famous sources of Vichy. There is a lot of magnesium and sodium in the water, however, it does not affect the taste. Mineral water here flows directly from the tap and many tourists admit that they haven’t tasted the most delicious water in their lives. To make your vacation comfortable and relaxing, you can choose some of the 30 hotels for spa holiday  in Loutraki below. Club Hotel Loutraki 5 * Many tourists recommend this hotel. There is a SPA centre, 2 outdoor pools, jacuzzi, hammam to relax and gain health. You will not be hungry here for sure: 3 restaurants, 2 bars, and a sushi-restaurant. There is a free internet access, a conference room for business people. Families can also find children's club. One of distinguishing marks of this place is the largest casino in Europe. The cost of the room with a view of the sea in the spring season will be on average 100-150 €, breakfast is included, and additional food will cost around € 25 per person. Address: Archeoisthmia, Kyra-Vrysi Isthmias, Istma, Loutraki, 100 km from the international airport "El. Venizelos ", 84 km from Athens. Hotel Pappas 3* The hotel is located in a bay, which saves its guests from excessive wind and high waves during the swimming season. It takes only 15 minutes to get to the hotel from the centre of Loutraki. The hotel is small, but tourists praise its garden with walking paths. There are more than 25 different species of plants. There is a swimming pool with thermal water for guests. And if you want to change your location just go to the nearest hotel, where there are a lot of thermal SPA sources. The average check for the room is 50 – 90 €. Address: Pezoulia Pefkaki, Loutraki 203 00, Greece Kalamaki Beach Hotel  4* We introduce another hotel with its own garden, in spite that the own territory is very rare for Greece. You will have spacious rooms in a four-story building. When the guests afre free from procedures they can practice sports, enjoy magnificent views of the sea landscape and mountains. The hotel is also designed for people with disabilities. There are ramps for wheelchairs, a fitness centre, where everyone can find a place, and a swimming pool. Guests can choose either a family room or non-smoking rooms and safe themselves from a harmful neighbourhood. Babysitting services will be offered for the guests with children. The average check for a stay in the spring season is € 90 per night with breakfast. Address: Isthmia - Kehries, Isthmah, Loutraki Plaza Hotel 2* This is a pretty small and modest hotel on the first coastline. You will be pleased with comfort and cleanliness of the rooms here. Many guests of the hotel boasted that they requested rooms with the views of the sea and they did not regret it. The balconies are equipped with a comfortable sofa, where it is convenient to stay and watch the seascapes. Dry cleaning, laundry and concierge services are available. The average check is € 33 per night + breakfast. Address: 32, 25th March Sq, Loutraki Hotel Poseidon Resort 5 * Well, we cannot but mention a large hotel with a capacity of 320 rooms with traditional architectural style, the maritime horizons of the Corinthian Gulf, and the green gardens. After relaxing in comfortable rooms, you will have a good time at the Armonia SPA centre. There is a swimming pool and a tennis court on its territory. The staff of the hotel works quickly and speaks several languages. You can relax there with your pet. Internet is paid extra. The average check is € 100 per night + breakfast. Address: Loutraki Korinthias, Loutraki 203 00, Greece Now we go for SPA recreation in Greece to Kamena-Vourla(Καμένα Βούρλα). The water here is rich in natural minerals, salts and radon. It is useful to come here for treatment for people who are prone to chronic rheumatism, arthritis, kidney disease, gynaecological and skin diseases. After enjoying the healing water, you can visit the mythical Delphi, “hovering” Monasteries of Meteora, the Mount Pelion - the birthplace of the Centaur. It is very convenient to get to the near-lying islands of Alonnisos, Skiathos and Skopelos. There is a port with boats to these islands in the nearest town Agios Konstantinos. By the way, the area where the resort area is located, is called Thermopylae and it is popular with its hot outdoor swimming pools. There is also a monastery of the Transfiguration of the Lord 4 km away from the Kamen-Vourla baths. There are about 34 different hotels in this area. So next hotels are quite suitable for the budget holidays: Alma Hotel (Alma Hotel) 2 * This hotel is small but cosy; it holds only 21 rooms, however, it often gets high points from its guests. Private parking, free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and a bar, terraces for sunbathing, excellent conditions in the neighbourhood for bike rides are offered here. Guests will be able to walk comfortably on their own territory of the hotel.   The average check is € 40- € 60 per day Address: 11 Throniou Str., Kamena Vourla Mitsis Galini Wellness Spa & Resort 5* A comfortable hotel with its own SPA centre of 3000 sq.m. offers its guests a variety of treatments: hammam and massage room, indoor hydrotherapeutic pool and thermal pool, hot tub. The rooms of this resort are maximally equipped for guests: personal hygiene stuff, television with satellite channels, Internet. There is a beautiful view of the sea from the balcony. Free parking is provided. The average check is € 80-90 euros in the spring season. Address: 5, Ger. Vassiliadi, Kamena Vourla Violetta 3* This hotel is situated 1.5 hours away from Athens. There is a terrace with the sea view, free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel, cosy rooms equipped with mini bar, air conditioning and TV. Breakfast in the air-conditioned lounge, a bar, a cafeteria and a guest area with fireplace is quite a good offer from the three stars hotel. The average check is around € 50 per day with breakfast. Address G. Vasilliadou 81, Kamena Vourla, 35008, Greece We proceed further to the mineral springs of Edipsos (Edipsou). They can be found on the north-western part of the Aivia Island. They have gained their popularity since the third century BC! Local "healing fountains" are located here not only throughout the city, but also right in the sea. Just imagine, there are mineral sources here, which spring from the depth of 3 thousand metres. The mineral springs contain radon, carbon, sodium, calcium, hydrogen sulphide, iron compounds with nitrogen. Therefore, it is really worthy to visit this place if you have already heard such diagnoses as rheumatism, sciatica, peripheral neuritis, arthritis, diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular system. It is known for sure that 80 emperors, such as Adrian, Marcus Aurelius and Great Constantine, arrived here to take medical baths. The first hotel that we offer to visit is the luxurious thermal spa "Thermae Sylla SPA". It's not just a resort, it's a place with a history! This hotel was one of the first to have been constructed in Edipsos. It was built in 1896. Its walls are erected around the tower. Winston Churchill, Maria Callasse and Greta Garbo were the first guests here. All these factors affect the cost of rest in this hotel that will be about € 1000 per week, while the price of procedures is not included in the check. There are 2 gourmet restaurants, 2 thermal pools and Thermae Sylla SPA centre. Hydrotherapy with the use of thermal water, mud therapy, inhalation therapy, massage and reflexology are all for health and beauty. Guests can also enjoy indoor and outdoor pools. Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel is located 2 hours away from Athens. Address: Posidonos Str. 2, Loutra-Oedipus Fani Hotel, 2*  The most famous type of hotels that you can meet in Greece are apart-hotels. "Fani" Hotel is located in Edipsos only 30 metres away from the sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos. All rooms of the hotel are equipped with a kitchen and all the necessary accessories. You will feel like at home with its balcony and free Wi-Fi. The guests, who have been here before, praise the hospitality of the owner very much, note the delicious breakfasts, the availability of fruit and vegetables in the menu, and clean bed linen. The thermal springs are only three minutes away from the hotel by car. The cost is 30 – 65 € per day Address: Agios Nikolaos, Loutra Edipsou Sagini Hotel 3* The hotel is located 100 metres away from the beach. Many rooms are equipped with their own kitchens here. Amenities include a TV and air conditioning. In the morning a continental breakfast is served. You can also eat tasty Greek dishes in taverns nearby. The hotel is next to the famous healing thermal springs, so it's not necessary to go far for a portion of health. The average check is € 45- 55 per night in spring. Address: Irakleous 74 & Papadiamanti, Loutra-Edipsu The prices for SPA holiday in Greece also depends on the season.

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