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Medical tourism in Greece is a great possibility to solve your health problems in modern-equipped clinics. The best specialists, certified in Israel and Germany, treat oncology successfully, carry out complicated surgical operations, IVF, offer any restorative procedures for any age without any restrictions, and treat effectively various children pathologies.  World known specialists in the field of medicine claim that Greece has achieved impressive results both in medicine in general and in IVF particular for recent years. Today the problem of giving the birth to a child is acute throughout the world and many pairs from all over the world come to Greece for replenishment. By the way, the prices for medical care, food and accommodation here are more available rather than in Germany or Israel. At the moment the National Academy of Auxiliary Reproduction (NAAR) operates in Greece and it controls all IVF clinics in Greece. They check carefully the work of all clinics for compliance with Greek laws, conduct inspections without notification to ensure the reliability of the verification results. Why does Greece take the leading positions in IVF? The experienced specialists, who have been taught in Germany, Israel and the USA, work here. There are no the laws that restrict this procedure. Moreover, the price for IVF is lower than in other countries. Greece is also known for cardiology. More than 50000 successful heart surgeries are carried out annually. Greek doctors can also help people who have problems with vision. Even the most neglected cases of cataract and glaucoma are cured with 100 percent success in local medical centres. Plastic surgery in Greece has become popular since 1980s. This sphere was available only for very rich people before. Now more and more people can “fix their noses” or enlarge their lips.  There are more than 200 surgeons, who make more than 10 000 plastic operations. Nowadays the Greek health care system oversees 128 hospitals, 160 centres; private centres and hospitals are also developed. More than 50 000 doctors accept clients. Many of these doctors upgrade their qualifications constantly in clinics and scientific centres in Europe and abroad. We would like to draw your attention to a very successful clinic «Hygeia Hospital», which is located in Athens. It has been accredited to assess the quality and safety of medical services in accordance with the standards of the Joint International Commission.  The clinic has been operating since 1970, the first heart transplant operation has been carried out within its walls; the first course of treatment of HIV-infected patients have been also started here. 1000 doctors work in 17 operational complexes «Hygeia Hospital», 700 doctors in 50 different directions. 120 000 patients undergo treatment and about one million examinations are conducted here every year.  If you decide to visit the clinic and solve the health problems in Greece, the following departments are available for you: - A unique department of radio brain surgery in Greece, equipped with a gamma knife "Lexell Perfection TM"; - Positron emission tomography department; - Oncology radiotherapy centre with the latest robotic linear accelerators (ELECTA Access, Synergy, Platfom); - Resuscitation and intensive care department; - One of the most modern departments for organ transplantation (bone marrow); - Department of invasive neuroradiology and cerebral embolization of aneurysm; - Neurosurgical system: a robotic microscope "PENTERO" connected to the neural system "Stealth Station" for the removal of brain tumours. If you want to be confident in your personal doctors, if you want to use the modern equipment, welcome to «Hygeia Hospital» clinic in Greece.  Our company collaborates with this centre and with many other clinics and hospitals, as well. We are ready to consult you on your health and treatment and accompany your treatment in Greece properly. And for the full picture about the treatment on the shore of Hellas we would like to add some more advantages for you: - Absence of a language barrier, we will provide you with English-speaking personnel, - Nice prices for treatment and rehabilitation, - Mediterranean diet consists of food that is considered to be one of the most popular and accepted by doctors and nutritionists all over the world, - The sea is the source of dozens of mineral compounds and salts that affect the body positively during post-traumatic and operational rehabilitation, - Combination of treatment with rest. You can see a lot of beautiful places, and as you know, positive emotions affect any person very well, - The developed pharmaceutical industry and the availability of medicine from all over the world is at your disposal, - Convenient geographical location of the country, - Confidentiality, all local medical institutions work in accordance with the right of patients to keep personal information.  If you have already decided to go for treatment to Greece, we can advise you to come from the end of March to the end of October. This time will be the most successful in order to combine useful treatment with good rest in Greece.

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