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Nowadays many young people are thinking of getting high education in European countries. Greece is a good chance for it. It has not only ancient roots but a possibility to get high education for free! Many parents send their children to Greek universities, while they take into consideration the following things: Good quality of education International diploma The possibility of having career in Europe and other countries of the world Available and free studying material Free accommodation and food on the part of governmental programmes Availability of privileged student’s card Residence permit with the right to travel through Europe and other countries of the world without visa restrictions To cap it all, the students by themselves valuate good conditions for study in Greece, as well as nice climate. If you decide to send your child to study in Greece we will be glad to tell you about the education in Greece in details. Answers to applicant’s questions: Education in the State educational institutions is free for all foreigners, this opportunity has arisen thanks to the program of preferential education. It is not necessary to be in the country personally to enter the university. It is enough to provide a certificate on the completion of the general education school, or a diploma of a college. The average score that is fixed in applicant’s diploma will participate in the competition. A birth certificate also should be enclosed in the applicant's folder. It is important to know that neither the applicant, nor his parents should have Greek origin. The applicant can submit the documents to several universities at once, so if you are not lucky in one university, you will probably have luck in another. Knowledge of the Greek language for admission to the educational institution is not necessary. The student have the opportunity to learn it during the first year of study, and then begin to study major subjects. On average the cost of Greek language courses is from 500 to 700 Euros per year. In May the student passes the language test and continues studying at the university. By the way, during this period the student can change the faculty of study if he has realized that he has made a mistake with the choice initially. Documents admission from the applicants begins in summer; in July all the folders of applicants are send to the Ministry of Education. Applicants and their parents should take care of the formation of their documetns package in advance, for example in May. How does the student’s life look like? Foreign student can stay in one of the hostels at University or High school. However, you should think about it in advance, while the rooms are distinguished very fast among the students. Anyway, the prices for apartments in Greece have fallen down for the recent period; small apartment can cost from 200 to 250 Euros. The possibility of getting the scholarship depends on the quotes from the Government. The student can find the job in Greece in spite of the unemployment situation, described in mass media. There are always vacancies in cafes and restaurants, hostels and hotels. However, it is important to know that the student is allowed to work only a few hours a day in study season and full-time in summer season. The average income a day is about 30 Euros. How to combine study and work? It is officially allowed for the students not to attend some lectures, especially at the humanitarian and economic faculties. It is obligatory to attend practical classes, especially at the medical faculty. Student bonuses. The student can save money on the food, as it is given free of charge or under the privileged tariff at a dining room at High School. Also, the State pays medical insurance to students and provides a discounted student card for all types of transport. While the student is studying the main profession, he has the chance to choose any other foreign languages and learn them at other lectures for free! The main expenses include: To rent an apartment is from 150 Euros per month. It is more profitable to rent an apartment together with someone, then these expenses are divided into two or three. Payment of utility bills is from 100 Euros per month (maintenance of the elevator, the entrance cleaning, as well as electricity, water, fuel for the heating season). Greek language courses are from 530 to 720 Euros per year. Medical insurance is from 120 to 500 Euros, depending on the types of examination and the list of possible diseases. The insurance will be necessary at the registration of residence permit, in the subsequent years the student has the right to have state medical insurance. The statement on the Greek bank card and the state fee when applying for residence permit is about 170 Euros. (It is important to know: the bank statement is issued free of charge, and the account must have an amount from 500 to 1000 Euros per month). Mobile communication, food, transport pass, necessary household purchases is about 300 Euros per month, on average. The education in Greece is a good investment in your child that will be profitable in the future. This is a good opportunity to live and study in the country with more than 2000 years history. Thousands of students study in Athens, Thessaloniki and other Greek cities. By the way, you can get diploma not only at Greek universities but other international universities that are located in Greece. This is the list of some possible variants of study: American colleges: British colleges: French college: German college:  If you want to learn more about education in Greece write to us and we will answer all your questions!

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