The bride was in a lavish wedding dress, the white color of which seemed to glow against the background of the blue sky and shine of the Mediterranean. She approached her fiancé, his seriousness, underlined by the ideal lines of the costume, did lead to the joy in her eyes and a smile. The loving couple joined their hands and pronounced solemn oaths. The next moment, the gold of the wedding rings flashed on the fingers of the newlyweds and their feelings were legalized. Here on the Mediterranean coast, next to the church, surrounded by lush vegetation, under the romantic sounds of music and in the presence of only the most beloved and loved ones, a new family was born. The photoshoots will be a reminder of how magnificent this wedding was. Here is a photoset on the sandy beach, here is the moment of the oaths at the walls of the old church, here is the mothers’ of the newlyweds dance to the sounds of the bouzouki and how the bride throws a bouquet, it soars to the blue sky and the warm Greek sun. It brings joy to the faces of all the guests. Afterwards, the whole family spends a week on the island of Agistri, travelling, swimming, sunbathing and tasting new delicacies together.  Beautiful, isn’t? And this can be your wedding in Greece. This is a description of a quite ordinary wedding, which includes the most necessary for the celebration. Sea and mountain landscapes of Greece create an excellent scenery, a comfortable climate will create an ideal atmosphere and a good hotel with tasty treats and decor will emphasize the specifics of the holiday. Is it tempting? We will run through organizational moments, so that your idea of ​​a wedding in Greece becomes more realistic. LOCATION    Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Chalkidiki - these are the most popular locations for the wedding celebration. There are hotels of any stars and sites which were selected by many wedding and travel agencies. Most of the places on these islands have indeed picturesque views. However, Greece is much wider and more diverse. The coast of Attika alone can offer a lot. You can choose for the celebration the first capital of Hellas - Nafplion, a city with narrow picturesque streets and a touch of Italian culture, Nafpaktos is a city ennobled by Venetians with a stunning coastline framed by cafes, walking streets and fortress. The oldest capital of the world - Athens, worthy of attention. In this place alone a large number of architectural masterpieces of the past centuries are concentrated and if you will choose September or October as a month of the wedding celebration, then the minimum of tourists and full temperature comfort is guaranteed to you. Not any less beautiful wedding can be on the banks closest to the capital, the skeletons of Aegina and Agistri, which is only an hour away by a comfortable ferry. If Aegina, the island of pistachios, is quite large and quite visited, then Agistri is an island of seclusion, tranquillity and the blue sea. There is a large church, located directly on the shore in Agistri. A local priest will be happy to perform a wedding ceremony, after which you can go to a beach photo session. By the way, the waters here differ with its transparent turquoise of the Saronic Gulf, so it may seem that your wedding was in Maldives. There are wonderful rebels and cosy taverns as well as a family hotel with its own beach at our disposal, with picturesque views of the neighbouring island of Aegina and the endless sea. The local chef is famous for his culinary masterpieces and his own garden. Rooms of the hotel are overlooking the sea. You can enjoy the privacy because the hotel is located on a distance from the main town of the island.  In one word, Agistri is the place where we can happily offer you a solemn and cosy wedding. Plan and scenario.    Have you already fantasized about your wedding? What should it be - thematic, with the predominance of your favorite color or maybe just use the whole wealth of nature of Greece? We will recommend the latter, enhancing the beauty of the rooms and terraces with floral and fabric decor. Flights are bought, the hotel is booked, the menu is agreed upon. Now every minute of your stay in Hellas will be subordinated to a thoughtful scenario in advance. At the airport, all relatives and newlyweds can be met by costumed heroes of the Greek Myths, the transfer will be accompanied by lyrical music and soft drinks. In the evening, after settling in the hotel, we propose to arrange rehearsal of the celebration with the delivery of souvenirs and gifts from relatives. Morning, the wedding day. Decorators from early morning will begin decorating the terrace, where an official or symbolic wedding ceremony will take place. On the wild seashore or on the beach there will be an arch, lavishly decorated with flowers. The time is approaching noon, tables and chairs are already set, guests are dressed up, and the last preparations are being completed in the rooms of the bride and groom, the photographer and the videographer are completing the first shooting. Guests tasted sweets from a rich thematically decorated sweet table, took seats in the forefront, a bride appears on the beach and the groom is waiting for her at the arch. The solemn ceremony is remembered by films of photo and video equipment: flowers, veil, weightless fabrics, candles, table decoration and treasured "vows”.  What will be the festive part of your wedding - you decide. We  will help organize the celebration at a decent level. You want a sea dinner for two - we will pick up a suitable tavern, if you want to plunge into the traditional color - we invite musicians, singers and dancers to the festival, if you want to fly by helicopter and enjoy this day with bird's-eye views - easily. Want to continue the wedding week on a yacht or sailboat, this is available as well. Having listened to all your preferences, we will develop a plan, a full scenario of the wedding event and pre-arrange the rental and delivery of everything you need: Define the style of celebration and choose a decorator. Booking of the hotel, beaches and famous monuments and other locations - the best places for photosets. Take care of who will lead the ceremony. Professional hairdressers and make-up artists will take care of the bride and groom The main menu, treats and sweets will be provided only by experienced chefs and cooks. A comfortable transfer by road or by the sea. EVERY DETAIL IS IMPORTANT.    We offer complete accompaniment of your wedding and honeymoon from the moment of your first steps on the Greek land. We speak Russian, Greek, English and Turkish and can find common language with customers, partners and service providers, which means that we can solve any issue promptly and efficiently at any time. We believe that a carefully designed plan is very important, because the impression of the event is made up of small details. Whether the transfer was timely, whether the guests were able to quench their thirst in a timely manner, whether tickets for the ferry were bought, whether the rooms in the hotel were prepared and many other things. And the celebration itself must pass irreproachably: make-up, photos, delicious treats and even the work of the staff of the beach or hotel - every trifle plays a major role. Organization of the wedding and honeymoon for our team is a matter of technology. We cooperate with many hotels, we know a lot of beautiful places suitable for the ceremony, which only local people know about. We are familiar with professionals in the field of aesthetics, beauty and cooking in Greece. We understand how important it is to transform dreams of a beautiful celebration into reality and know how to do it. But preparing for a wedding requires engagement, time and great work. Therefore, it is better to plan the event many months in advance, so that we, as the organizers of the wedding, have enough time for development and a worthy implementation of it.   Have you already decided on the embodiment of your wedding dream on the Mediterranean coast? Then call or email us, let's get acquainted and discuss your ideas and preferences. Let's start the preparations for the brightest event in your life!

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