Physical exercises is an excellent alternative to lazy beach rest. There are a lot of opportunities to disperse serenity in the air, on the water or on the ground in Greece. Tourists, who are indifferent to the high points, can conquer the height by bicycle or car. There is a great opportunity to see Greek wonderful earth interior for those, who like ancient caves. Tourists who are in love with the waves, can discover water space and conquer the sea while sailing and to feel the inhabitant of the sea.   Active rest in Greece includes both theoretical and practical training under the control of experienced instructor. You can read below in our columns, what kinds of active sport is more popular in Greece and where to fulfil it.  Active rest on the ground Mountaineering and climbing in Greece The mountains in Greece are so wonderful and picturesque; their peaks are filled with myths and legends, which have come from deep ancientry. After conquering the mountain peaks, you will have the chance to enjoy waterfalls, blossoming flowers and plants, narrow caves, mountain rivers and lakes, forests and paths. World known mountains on Crete Island are the best for mountaineering and climbing in Greece. Every year many tourists come here to see Samarian gorge, which is considered to be the deepest in Europe and attracts thousands of extremal rest lovers. And one more nice place is located on the mainland – this is the Mount Olympus The beautiful Meteora with the prayed, hovering monasteries is a unique place not only for rock climbing, but also for breathtaking walks. Greece is believed to be the Motherland of mountaineering and climbing. Let us know which part of Greece attracts you mostly and we will choose the best variants for mountaineering and climbing in Greece. Cycling Cycling is one more type of discovering Greece, riding the bike on narrow and stony roads and on the tops of the hills and mountains at the high speed. A good equipment and a big variety of hotels near cycling routes are offered for mountain cycling in Greece. Parnita is one of the mountains not far from Athens that is loved by tourists very much. After cycling in the mountains you can also enjoy sightseeing in the capital of Greece. If you like quieter area we can offer mountains in  Kissavos, Samothrace  and Litochoro. If you want to know more about cycling in Greece we will help you to choose the required equipment and interesting routes.   Traveling on off-roaders Speed, wild routes, stunning views, full freedom and completely new sensations – these are the reasons why more and more tourists every year rent off roaders in Greece and go to explore the country through their own routes.  The routes through the forest areas of Agrafas, the Peloponnesian mountain ranges, Mount Parnassus and  many other mountains of Crete  pass through traditional Greek villages where you can taste traditional dishes according to the recipes that are handed down from generation to generation. You will have the chance to see monuments and towers, which are not so often told about by different guides. We offer you next routes for traveling on off-roaders in Greece Parnonas – starting point at Kosmos, called "the heart of Parnonas" and move to the point of Prasto through mountain villages, thick pine forests. A route through the beautiful villages of Sela, Fidakia, St. Vlaherna, lying near the rivers and the lake. This is a route for the thoughtful lovers of peace and tranquility. The trails of Crete Island - Akhendrias, Maridaki, Etija. Even an unexperienced tourist will pass a 30-kilometer circular route on a simple off-road car. This route will open the views of the Libyan Sea, panoramas of the island. Active rest under the ground Speleology in Greece Greece is rich not only in seas, rivers and mountains but in various caves. Many of them hide mystical secrets, many have become historical monuments and they are all remarkably beautiful. Fans of geology, paleontology, anthropology, hydrology and archeology have the chance to discover underground rivers and lakes, amazing colors and forms of geological formations. In each cave you can hear the breath of the Earth and feel the dimension where the myths of Greece are living now. Speleology tours in Greece demand physical training and special knowledge of the subject. They are carried out in a special clothes with particular equipment. Where should you go for speleology adventures? There are a lot of caves and karst formations on Crete Island not far from Rethimno city. For example, the Cave Sentoni can place 14 rooms, its height is 145 metres and it is well illuminated. The Cave Melidoni can place 6 rooms, the height is 140 metres. There are many legends about this cave. One of them says that Minotaur was hiding here. However, historians claim that 370 people died there in 1823 fleeing from the occupying Turkish troops. Drogarati Cave was discovered almost 300 years ago. It hides amazing underground world at 60-metres depth. The constant temperature inside is 18 degrees, and the humidity level is 90 percent. It is worthy to go down here to see numerous stalactites and stalagmites. Just imagine: 1 centimeter of such a subterranean formation is formed within a hundred years! By the way, in one of the halls of the cave you can watch musical performances, the effect of which is enhanced due to local acoustics. The road to Coutouka's Cave takes just one hour from Athens. Its area is 3 800 square kilometers, the location is 500 meters above the sea level. A long tunnel leads to the main hall with stalagmites and stalactites of impressive dimensions. The effect of unreality is enhanced by artificial illumination. If you want to know more about speleology in Greece, write to us, we will tell you where to go in search of underground treasures.

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