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Greece can be really proud of its love and respect to children. Those, who have been already visited Greece with their children, can prove that Greeks have the same nice attitude to the children like to their own ones. In any restaurant or cafe, sports or playground Greeks will say lovely words and treat children with sweets. That is why the rest on the Mediterranean coast will become a real adventure and will remain in the memory of any child forever. Children’s tourism is a kind of touristic directions, which is rapidly developing in Greece nowadays. It has even taken the leading position in Europe in children’s rest. There are more than 20 international summer camps in Greece and everyone has its own style and direction. Children’s camps programmes: Hellas is rich in its history; the science and civilisation were born here. Those facts help to create various programmes in children’s camps. Besides everyday physical exercises and games in the seashore, children take part in educational programmes. It is advisable to pay attention to the theme and programme of the camp when you choose it for your child. Educational part takes a few hours a day. It is provided with learning materials and literature, and it is easily combined with active leisure time. Summer camps throughout Greece are waiting for the children from 5 to 18 years old in June, July and August. Every shift lasts from 7 to 20 days. All conditions are almost the same: accommodation in apartments or residences, a canteen, a beach, sport infrastructure. The common languages are Greek, English and even Russian. An amazing combination of history, the cleanest beaches marked by the Blue Flag of the EU and the beauty of nature will make the rest of any child a fairy tale. For you to have the possibility to choose one of the children's camps, we have prepared a short survey of the most popular of them. Children's camp "Fantasy Land" for children from 8 to 16 years  The camp operates on the territory of the hotel Orfeas Blue Resort 4*; it is located 16 km from the main peak of Greece - Olympus. The own bank is developed here for pupils, each year they prepare dramatizations of ancient battles, quizzes and riddles about ancient cities. Educators of the camp will tell about the history of Europe, stage famous historical events together with the kids. Economics, linguistics, history of culture and military history is the base of the education and entertainment in this children's camp. International sport camp EllinCamp It is situated on the peninsula of Khalkhidiki, on the "finger" Kasandra. Children from 6 to 17 years old will have the chance to face entertainments, sport events, excursions round Greece, mysterious quests and English language lessons. The famous Greek mobile operator supports this camp.  Children’s camp "Only English Land" In 2 weeks your child will start speaking English. Excursions, national customs and dances, intellectual games – everything is in English. The children from 9 to 19 years old can attend it, but supervisors promise interesting programmes to any age. International sport camp Kalivas for the children from 6 to 15 years old The camp is situated on the peninsula of  Khalkhidiki. It was launched in 1977 by Giorgos Kalivas, famous physical education teacher. This camp is one of the biggest in Europe now. The mission of this camp is to develop both physical and intellectual capacities. The programme includes English and Greek language learning, acquaintance with world customs, esthetical development, excursions to Thessaloniki and the Mount Athos. The exemplary European children's sports camp "Alexandra Camp"  The camp is located 110 km away from Thessaloniki. It is known for its sports grounds, which allows to train seriously. Every year sports competitions are organized in the camp. It forms sport spirit.  International Children's and Youth Camp Eleones  It is located on the shore of the Athos Gulf, near the village of Develecki. Educators are Russian-speaking guys from the former CIS countries, as well as from Europe, Cyprus and Greece. The camp is famous for its extreme sports, swimming pools, sport activities at the sea, dances and fine arts lessons. You can see the emphasis on the knowledge of Russian culture and language here. Summer Children's Camp GALAXY camp  It is located at the Galaxy 3 * hotel not far from the centre of Porto Heli. Children are promised to dive into fascinating adventures and knowledge of the amazing nature of this place. Porto Heli is a beautiful cape with dense vegetation. Pine forest is a special highlight of this place. The entire landscape complements with the view of the azure sea. The theme of the year is selected in the camp annually. Therefore all trainings and entertainments are connected with it.  UNESCO Ecological camp from Miniboss  It is located on Peloponnese, 86 km from the Greek capital. The camp programme was created by UNESCO and the International Educational Network Miniboss Business School. Children from 7 to 17 years will devote themselves to a healthy lifestyle, they will also learn more about ecology. Sport, games, learning English and Greek are all subordinated to the topic of preserving the heritage of mankind and natural attractions. Guys will not only learn a lot of new information, but they will see the sights with their own eyes, traveling to the islands and waterfalls; they will also see the sights of Athens.  Sunny holidays in Greece, a camp for children from 12 to 18 years old on Crete Island  It is located in the resort town of Agia Pelagia, which is 25 kilometres away from Heraklion, the capital of the island. Master classes, excursions, creative events, classes on mythology – everything is held in English. International Camp The Ranch  It is located on the peninsula of Peloponnese, in the area of ​​Sofíco Corinthians. Its peculiarity is an educational town, which includes a miniature cheese factory, a bakery, a small factory, shoe repair shop and even a hairdresser's. There is everything to diversify children's leisure time and immerse children into the real world of Greece.  Camp "Odysseus" for children from 10 to 17 years. It is located in the small village of Porto Heli, English language is taught here, as well as in other camps. Teachers are native speakers who will talk about the traditions of England and other English-speaking countries. Certificate of international design with the indication of English level is a significant result of the rest in the lake. The children will also have new acquaintances, the experience of friends from other countries and a lot of impressions about the summer, held in Greece. For the pleasure of children there are swimming pools, football and basketball pitches in the camp. Teachers arrange evenings at the local theatre, as well as thematic discos. Children's camp Korelko.  It is located not far from Athens in a pine forest, just 1 km from the sea coast, children of different nationalities from 6 to 18 years old come here. Russian-speaking animators work here. For entertainment children are provided with water slides, swimming pools, football, basketball and volleyball pitches, a tennis court, a radio room, a medical centre, and also themed courses. Art workshops, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, archery, fencing is not complete list of activities, which are offered to children here. Camp “Poseidon's Trident”  This camp is with a deep immersion inτο the culture and history of ancient Greece. It is open for children from 7 to 16 years old on the Peloponnese Peninsula. In the camp the Myths of Ancient Greece are studied as a history lesson in the classroom, and in the form of a theatrical performance, water sports games or art master classes.  International Camp "Fun English"  For children from 9 to 16 years old this language camp offers English language learning. It is located in a natural protected area, in the middle of a pine forest near a sandy beach with clear water and all conditions. After English lessons guys spend their time on their own, doing sports or playing games. This is not everything that Greece can offer to children. So, if this year you are not planning the holiday with the whole family, you can please your children with clean sea and warm sun sending them to one of these children’s camps in Greece.

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