Zakynthos Island . Navagio - “the cave of Smugglers”

Zakynthos Island . Navagio - “the cave of Smugglers”

The photoshoot of Navagio on the Zakynthos Island has become a visiting card of Greece. Thousands of tourists all over the world visit the best-known Greek beach to see the unusual feature – the shipwreck. Navagio Beach or Shipwreck Beach is an exposed cave, sometimes referred to as "Smugglers Cove". It is due to the fact that in 1983 the smuggler’s ship “Panagotis”, that was transferring illegal cigarettes to Italy, crashed not far from the beach. Once during the storm the ship was thrown to the beach. The ship has been abandoned and still rests buried in the limestone gravel of the beach. 33 years have passed but still the beach is considered to be the best one in the world. However, the ship has been corroded and it’s ready to fall into pieces, that’s why the government is looking for the budget to renovate the best sightseeing of the island. Navagio is located on the north-west shore of Zakynthos not far from the village Anafonitria. You can find the famous beach Navagio here. It is surrounded by sheer limestone cliffs with the height of more than 100 metres. The beach is full of white pebbles which are stretching from the entrance to the coastline. Further on, the beach is covered with golden sand.  The water is not so clear but the wave is light blue. This colour is the result of the mineral springs, which bring out a large amount of impurities containing calcium compounds. When the sea is calm the fine sandy suspension, which is always in the water, settles and the water becomes so clear that the ships seem to float in the air. The cave Navagio is also called “White Cave” for the matching of sea and sand colour. You should know some useful information if you want to visit the cave: The water is deep directly from the edge There are no toilets and cabanas on the beach. The water is not sold there. At the daytime there are many big and small ships in the cave, but the beach is not big enough. It is advisable to go to the beach in the evening or early in the morning, but mind that water is cooler and the beach is in the shadow yet. The shadow appears very fast and at 12 daytime the whole beach is already in the shadow. So, you will not have the chance to see that beautiful blue colour that is created by the sun illumination. You can reach the beach only by sea. If you want to rent a boat keep in mind that the waves near the beach are very strong and you will not manage to berth. So you have to berth 30-50 metres from the beach and swim. You should think where to put your things. It’s better to discuss it with your captain in advance. If you visit this beach in September keep also in mind that the wind is so strong that it’s very difficult to reach the beach. The easiest way to reach the beach is by small touristic ships that depart from Agios Nikolaos and Porto Vromi. If you have the chance to have your vacation on Zakynthos Island we strongly recommend to visit Navagio beach and swim in the very beautiful water. Take photos on the background of white cliffs and these emotions will remain in your memory forever.
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