1 day trip to Argolida: Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidavrus.

1 day trip to Argolida: Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplio, Epidavrus.

The excursion to Agrolida takes one of the first places among tourists in Greece. The trip is held along the picturesque seacoast of Saronic Gulf and is full of myths and interesting stories about the life of the ancient and modern Greeks. The excursion is rather long and very informative, so it’s better to start early in the morning to visit all archaeological sites, which are open till 5 o’clock in winter time and 3 o’clock in summer time. Highlights: Corinth Canal – the first stop is at unique canal, connecting Aegean and Ionic seas. Mycenae – firstly we will visit the treasury of Atreis or the tomb of King Agamemnon. It’s still a mystery who was really buried there, because the tomb was robbed in the ancient times. Continuing on, the unique excursion over the ancient citadel of Europe with mystery tombs  is awaited for you with deep immersion into 16-12 millennium B.C. Famous “Lion’s Gate” - a trademark of the entire archaeological site of Mecenae.  You can also see the massive limestone boulders, roughly fitted together without use of mortar. How could people build these walls 3500 years before? Probably there were not people? Our professional guide will tell you these facts and many others. The view from the hill on the Argos plain, where one of the pre-historic Greek civilizations once flourished, is breathtaking and takes time away. Nauplio and the fortress of Palamidi. Nauplio is a city, that Greeks consider the most beautiful city on their land, a medieval city surrounded by three fortresses, the first capital of Greece after the Independence war with the Ottoman Empire. We will take a look at this wonderful city from the height of the fortress bastion of Palamidi. Epidaurus and Sanctuary of Asclepius. The theater in Epidaurus and the temple of the god of healing Asclepius are known widely outside Greece. Walking along this wonderful place with groves, paths between pine trees, one can recall one of the postulates of medicine - the doctor cures, nature heals. But you will also find out what other methods ancient doctors used to heal people and you will understand why the god Asclepius was worshiped longer than other pagan gods. The museum has preserved medical instruments, gifts from grateful patients and much more. You will also have the opportunity to test amazing acoustics in one of the best preserved theaters, still used today. Duration - 8-9 hours. The price is 150 Euro per group without the guide. 300 Euro per group with the guide.   
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